Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by the 'Global Dimension'?

By 'global dimension', we mean (very broadly) 'exploring the world's interconnections'. With a global dimension to their education, learners have a chance to engage with complex global issues and explore the links between their own lives and people, places and issues throughout the world. By including the global dimension in teaching, links can easily be made between local and global issues, and young people are given the opportunity to:

  • critically examine their own values and attitudes
  • appreciate the similarities between people everywhere, and learn to value diversity
  • understand the global context of their local lives
  • develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination.

Such knowledge, skills and understanding enable young people to make informed decisions about how they can play an active role in their local and global community.

What’s the difference between the Global Dimension, Global Learning, Global Education or Development Education?

These are all terms used to describe Global Citizenship Education, whereby pupils are empowered to be active citizens, willing and able to contribute to the development of a fair, sustainable society, locally and globally.


How much does it cost?

There is a registration fee of £150 for each of the three Levels of the GSA. This covers the cost of assessment and administration. However, schools with teachers who have gained a Global Teachers Award may self-certify for GSA Level 1 after completing the registration of interest form.


How long will it take?

Usually a year for each Level of the Award although many schools take two years to achieve Level 3.


When do I need to submit evidence?

Assessment takes place at the beginning of July each year and involves two independent assessors looking at each portfolio. A school should get their portfolio to Liz Roodhouse, Craven DEC, St Andrew’s Church Hall, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2JE by the end of June. Self-certifying schools for GSA Level 1 do not need to submit portfolios. If there is a demand a second assessment window will be offered in February.

For further information contact Please do not attempt to submit portfolios electronically.


What help is available?

There is a range of support on offer from your local Development Education Centre to help you embed global learning and 'global thinking' into the life of your school, and to ensure staff are able to see it as helpful and meaningful, and not a 'ticking the box' exercise.


  • Introductory Advice Session; £75
    Looks at what you have done up to the present, and advises on action needed to achieve the award.
  • Twilight for Staff (2 hours); £250
    Provides staff with a basic understanding of global learning, its relevance and value, how to deliver it and begin planning for progression across the school.
  • Curriculum Consultation (3 hours); £250
    Consultation meeting with individual staff or small team to review and advise on implementation of global learning in the curriculum (including resources, methodology, planning and reviews).
  • Pre-Submission Portfolio Review; £100
    Reviews evidence for your GSA portfolio and advises on additional action needed to ensure that you get the award on the first submission.


NB. These are guide prices; individual centres' charges may vary.


For a list of DECs in England and the Isle of Man go to website of the Consortium of Development Education Centres. In the first instance you can contact Craven DEC who administer the GSA.


How does this fit in with things we are already doing?

Working towards a GSA is an approach rather than an add on. It’s about finding the global opportunities in what is already planned and happening.


The GSA text refers to the 8 Key Concepts of the Global Dimension. Is this the global learning framework a school doing the Award is expected to use?

There are several frameworks that are used by schools as an approach to global learning and all are valid. The GSA text refers to the 8 Key concepts of the Global Dimension framework . An alternative framework, based on OXFAM’s framework for Global Citizenship, appears  on the home page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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- How much does it cost?

- How long does it take?

- When do I need to submit evidence?

- What help is available?

- How does this fit in with things we're doing?

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Contact the Global Schools Award:

Liz Roodhouse, Craven DEC, St Andrew’s Church Hall, Newmarket Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 2JE